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Dublin 3, Pakistan 3, Pencils 3, Craig 2, Concord 2, Markoff 2, California 2, Redding 1, Livermore 1, Carol Channing 1, Philip Markoff 1, Brisman 1, The City 1, Alvarez 1, Reggie Smith 1, Susan Bowman 1, Wilson 1, Timothy Wilson 1, Freeman 1, Us 1,
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    August 15, 2010
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" just saw the truck roll
over e pipe bombs big enough to kill planted at a park. police make an arrest. you see the truck roll-over ever. >> hundreds of racing fans watch in horror as a stun goes wrong. what the changes some want to see. >> we're all frustrated and scared. >> nearly two dozen team burned out of their home. we got note book paper, pencils. 24 pencils for $2. and back to school rush is on. in a tough economy how are parents spending their money? the news starts now. tts. ann has the night off. three pipe bombs, found in one east bay park. it had a neighb tonight: police make an arrest. good evening, three pipebombs found in one east bay park had a neighborhood on
edge. tonight police make an arrest. don on how they caught the suspect. >> reporter: the investigation led them to a concord man who's responsible or the building the pipebombs. this shows the detective nation of police of three pipebombs found last month at newhall park. today special enforcement like teams arrested timothy wilson after he left his home. >> they contacted him as he walked away from the residence, determined he was under the influence of a controlled substance and arrested him for that. they contacted a judge and secured a search warrant. >> they found evidence that's consistent with the pipebombs.
>> recovered gunpowder. black powder, metal tubes. pvc pipe and inearth pipebomb with nothing in night search crews scoured the park ahead of a soccer tournament. anybody could have picked up a device and it could have killed machine or caused severe -- someone or caused severe injury. >> wilson is in jail. a neighbor told the contra kosta time that the police are raided the home a handful of times. makeshift memorials at the site of a deadly off-road accident in the mojave desert. a truck went into the crowd. the california 200 race was last night in lucerne valley
about 100 miles northeast of los angeles. >> reporter: video captured saturday night shows the off- road truck before and after it careened into the crowd. as soon as he jumped over you saw the truck roll over people. it happened too quickly to see anything, you see the truck roll over. >> reporter: after the crash the video shows the scene, frantic spectators rushing to victims the bodies around the truck. >> the truck was coming down the hill. randall peterson lost his stepson in the crash. freeman's girlfriend left this memorial. his stepfather was told free man was injured but couldn't locate him. >> it didn't done ame he never
-- it didn't dawn on me he never lost the scene. >> confused. and sad. it's tragic. >> the accident happened at the beginning of race in which off- road vehicles take jumps at speeds up to 80 miles an hour. >> reporter: this is the race course, there's no barriers set up for protection which is often the case in the desert. some say that needs to change. they need safety barriers the driver of truck was not hurt. he was forced to run because the crowd was so angry. kendis gibson. they are investigating a post office in sonoma county. the flames were tough to fight the fire made the way into the
roof line of building. two firefighters were injured but are expected to be okay. last night's three-alarm fire in mission district have left two dozen people homeless. it broke out around 6:00 and damaged three buildings. >> the red cross found hotels of eight of the displaced residents but 15 people were forced to camp out with friends. today some returned to get their belongings. >> it's a frustrating situation, we hope our land lord and the city can help us quickly so we can move back in and be safe and move on with life. >> the red cross says it's difficult to find hotel rooms because of crowds in the city for the outside land festival. the cause of fire is under investigation. donations have been pouring in from around the country to
help a elementary school destroyed by fire. trace elementary will reopen tomorrow in spite of fire that caused $10 million in damage. school officials say they have all the supplies they need, but they need cash donations. the fire destroyed 16 classrooms, library and offices. tomorrow students will attend class in portal classrooms. getting kids ready to go back to school can be expensive. new clothes and school supplies can quickly add up. in a tough economy this year some parents are doing their homework before they hit the stores. >> it's a crash course in comics a -- economics. >> got notebook paper. pencils. 24 pencils for $2. binders, just the basics.
>> reporter: back to school shopping ranks as the second biggest consumer spending event. stores that want to win the shoppers must have the biggest sales. bargain-hunting families do the homework. looking at all the sales and finding out the best store. >> target had a sale to school supply, that's good. we're going to go places like that. >> reporter: a card of school supplies add up. parents are spending two to $300 per child and that's just for the basics. nothing extra. >> it's another two to $300 counting clothing or electric strongics. total spending on school aged children is expected to top $21 billion this year. nanny alvarez is shopping for her younger sister. >> we're trying to do a budget.
to find cheaper things. >> how easy is that? >> not that hard, not really that hard if you know what to choose. instead of going for the expensive pen go for like the cheaper one. it's not that hard if you know how shop. >> with the economy sputtering schools are cutting back forcing parents to buy what used to be supply. >> a school year starts and the toughest lesson today will be separating the wants from the needs. >> what do you think? >> no. >> in daily city. cbs5. >> to help the families that can't afford the school supplies they need livermore police are stepping in. they asked shoppers to buy extra for needy kids.
the supplies were loaded and will be used to fill hundreds of backpacks for students in need. the alleged craig list killer found dead. >> details of double life he tried to hide. help is on the way, but it's hard to come by. the push the raise money for aids research. low clouds and fog moving on shore. why tomorrow may be the nicest day of the week. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,
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john the alleged craig list killer was found dead in his jail cell today. more on philip markoff's alleged crime and the circumstances of his death. he died behind bars in what authorities callth an apparent suicide. the 24 year old medical student was charged with the murder of julyisa brisman who he melt through the adult services section of craigslist. prosecutor say after brisman
went to his hotel room he teed her up and shot her. >> it appears she put up a fight. >> reporter: markoff was charged in two other assaults that week. one in rhode island, the other in boston. both victims were on craigslist. >> if you to d what you're asked no harm will come you to. >> reporter: 48 hours mystery producer wrote a book about his crime spree called seven days of range. he says while some described him as brilliant the police investigation found he had a dark side in he what's the perfect medical student orbs the other hand had a deviant sexual life. >> it was not all about sex. drowning in a sea of death and struggling with a gambling
problem, markoff needed the money. i talked to the two surviving women, and both of them said he didn't touch them in a sexual way. he was had to rob them. >> reporter: he pleaded not gill a but was due to stand trial next march. >> he tried to kill himself twice in the past. it's shocking when someone goes through it with. >> reporter: the case has led to calls for craigslist to drop the adult services. craigs lest refused and said he will monitor that site themselves. according to a monitoring service, adult ads are a third of craigslist revenue. checking headlines afternoon the bay area. a bicyclist killed friday night has been identified as a 21- year-old german tourist. he was riding near turk street.
the driver was booked on vehicular manslaughter. this is the second german tourist killed in the city in a week. a 50 year old woman was shot last sunday. about 20 people turned out for a rahl knee dublin -- for a rally in dublin. the officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. some of the deem straiters were from law ins for. -- enforcement. >> that's the cast of forever plaid rehearsing the opening number for the aids benefit. it's the 16th year for the fund- raiser featuring performances from carol channing. "american idol" contestants and broad day stars. it raises monies for aid start's and there's still a
significant can need. >> people think that aids is almost over. yesterday's news. the reality is that the economy has taken a toll. people with aids, people are getting aids. people are impacted about it. >> the benefit organizers hope to raise $100,000. coming up next, pakistan under water. >> how a bay area community is racing to help the victims of the floods. >> it's like a presence or treasure hunt. you don't know what's in the rock. a 65 million-year-old puzzle. scientist are trying to bring a giant predator back to life. ,,,,,,,, @
hundred people have been killed.. as many as 20 million are homeless. millions more it's the worst flooding pakistan has seen. 1600 have been killed and 20 million are homeless. >> they need food, shelter and water. the damage was surveyed by air and it was called beyond imagination and urged foreign donors to get help to country early. they raised monty mark the end of ramadan fest. the group will continue with other fund-raising events in the coming weeks. >> the money we're raising today we'll donate to local agencies who have strong ties
to pakistan. i think it's around immediate relief. and longer terms of rebuilding. >> it's estimated that billions of dollars will be needed for reconstruction, with more rain in the forecast the flooding is expected to get worse. so, severe weather other places, monsoonal rain, we have heat waves on the east coast. we're status quo. >> exactly. still in the trough of low pressure. bringing the cool air to the bay area. drizzle to the coast line early. let's check things out. there's a couple breaks in the clouds. the ridge of high pressure building in. s that compressing the marine layer. less fog around the bay area. that could be good news. in the meantime it's gathered along the coastline again. it had broken up but filling in a bit. more on the way to be but not
as thick as today. with that in mind, tomorrow looking good. temperature will heat up a few degrees in spots. upper 80s inland. inside the bays 60s and 70s. temperature running in the 50s and low 60s outside if you're headed around the bay area. clear skies in concord and livermore. you want the heat, head up to redding. 104 by the afternoon. 99 in fresno. lots of sunshine toward yosemite. we have a brief break. this low brought in the clouds and fog. that will kick east. high pressure behind that. that should warm temperature up one day, then back to cool weather. look what's off the coastline. that will slide toward the coast. that will deepen the marine
layer. tomorrow morning starts out we have a lot of low crowds and fog. it will burn off earlier. temperature as a result will be warmer. especially as you head inland. numbers in the bay. 60s and 70s. probably 80s toward morgan i hill. toward the coastline we'll try to bring you sunshine. you will see patchy fog too and temperature in the 50s and 60s. east bay numbers, close the 90 in spots. not far away, mid-80's toured dublin. the north bay starting with patchy fog. here comes the sunshine. we'll warm up in the 70s and 80s by the afternoon. 50s and 60s toward the coastline. in the next couple days we have a cooling trend starting on tuesday. don't get used to warm up. the temperature start to drop off. by thursday and friday a lot of
clouds around the bay area. temperature will struggle to get in the 80s, even in the warmer spots. how about a picture, we have a butter fly, check out the colors sent in from heidi in santa rosa. send those the we love to put them to air. >> i bet that looks great in high-def. thank you heidi. coming up next, they are putting the pieces together, 65 million years later. the fossil find in the central valley. in indianapolis we're going to take the show on location. the 49ers open their preseason in impressive fashion. reggie smith with the pick off and he returned it to the house. at that point the niners were down 10-0. they scored 27 unanswered points and defeat the colts. >> the big star today was the
rookie running back, anthony dixon. and the giants and the padres coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
they could be from the biggest predator that nda a major discovery, fossils millions of the years old. they could be from the biggest predator that lived. how researchers are trying to put the pieces together. >> reporter: in a laboratory, a
researchers is working to extract the remains of a giant lizard. she believes it is 65 million years old. this is how it came out. this was to left side. this was to right. susan bowman likes puzzles. it's a good thing she does. >> because right now she has the task of completing the largest puzzle she's seen. >> as you're digging through, it's like a treasure hunt. you don't know whats this the rock and then here's a bone. for the past three months she's been disassembling a 400 block of shale. it's hard to believe these pieces came from that. and the reason they use plaster is the little pieces are fragile. the research inturn with the u.s. bureau of land management
have found bones that appear to long to a under sea carnivore. >> a lizard that may have been 60-feet long. possibly the largest predator of all time. how unusual is to it find. >> kind of unusual for california. >> her goal is to assemble as much as she can. and bring the creature back the life. it's the ultimate jigsaw puzzle. she would like to rush to site to find more and has her heart set on finding the skull. >> the lizard will go into a collection at uc berkeley and used for research. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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